Owners of Fabrix and Ethel & Em standing together outside their shops on New Street, Lancaster.

New Street Crafters

A sewing shop and knitting shop next door to one another you ask? Well, yes, absolutely.

Here at Fabrix, we are very happy to be next door to one of Lancaster's very fine yarn stores, Ethel & Em owned by the one and only effervescent Melanie McKay. We find we share quite a few customers who are dual stitchers and knitters and enjoy the fact that they have 2 crafty shops sat side by side on New Street. Some projects require a trip to both shops - how handy is that!


A picture of Jenny Atkinson, owner of Fabrix and Melanie Mckay, owner of Ethel & Em together, outside their stores in Lancaster.Image shows Jenny Atkinson, owner of Fabrix, chatting and knitting with other knitters outside Ethel & Em on World Knitting in Public Day.


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