Pattern Weights – Emma Ball – Woolly Puffins – 6 Pieces


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Emma Ball Pattern Weights – Woolly Puffins – 6 Pieces


The main purpose of pattern weights is as the name suggests, to weigh down your pattern pieces.
When you are tracing or cutting a pattern instead of having to take time to pin the paper to the fabric you strategically place the weights on top so the pattern piece is flat and then trace or cut around the edge.
Not only does this save you plenty of time, but it also helps to preserve your pattern pieces too as they won’t be full of pin holes.
Pinning the pattern to the fabric can distort it slightly, whereas pattern weights keep it flat for you.
Pattern weights protect your fabric scissors.
Catching the blade on a pin can ruin the blades making them unusable.

The pattern weights have a smooth designed finish. Made from solid metals that allow free movement should any adjustments need to be made.

A set of six measuring 40mm each.

Perfect gift for any sewer.


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