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Habico Pattern Weights - Birds in Nature

Habico Pattern Weights - Birds in Nature

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Set of 6 pattern weights with a seaside theme, designed by Este MacLeod

Tin of a set of 6 weights made from solid metal with a smooth finish, waterproof, tough and a scratch resistant coating. Each weight weighs 48g and measures 40mm diameter.

• Waterproof and made of a tough, scratch-resistant coating to preserve the quality
• Smooth finish and made from solid metal to allow free movement should any adjustments need to be made
• When tracing or cutting a pattern place the weights strategically on the pattern pcs to save pinning fabric
• Pattern weights keep fabric and pattern pcs flat and free of pin marks
• Using pattern weights instead of pins will protect your fabric scissors too
• With bold designs and Habico logo, these weights will be easy to see

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