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Sew Different - Artista Dress

Sew Different - Artista Dress

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Sizes 8 - 26

The Artista Dress Pattern is for a loose fitting A-line shift dress. It has large pockets integrated into the seams of the front panels, gently dropped shoulders with inset sleeves and a back pleat for plenty of comfort across the shoulders. The softly rolled collar is reminiscent of an artist’s smock and it pulls on over the head with no need for a zip.

There are two options for the cutting layout – one with the fabric all running in the same direction, and the other, as shown on the front cover, with the yoke and lower panel cut at 90 degrees for an interesting change of direction – perfect for a stripe or directional patterned fabric.

SUGGESTED FABRICS: denim, cotton, corduroy, linen, stable jerseys including double knit and scuba, and most other medium weight fabrics.

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