School Work Experience

If you were in our shop last week, you may have noticed a new member of the team. We had Lily with us for the week on work placement. Lily was one of 250 students on work placement in Lancaster, that’s a lot of placements!

Here’s what Lily had to say about why she chose Fabrix and what she enjoys about sewing:

‘I’m taking GCSE textiles at QES and chose Fabrix because it’s my local fabric shop and they have lots of different fabric and haberdashery to choose from. I love sewing and looking at cool, unique fabric. All the staff are friendly and helpful so I knew it would be a nice environment to work in’.

‘I love sewing, it’s a great way to show off my creativity and ideas. I think sewing is a great activity for people my age because you can make your own individual clothes, it’s a fun and interesting hobby. In the future, I’d love to create clothes for movies and plays’.

Pictured is Lily browsing the fabric selection, wearing a tote bag she has created. We love the punky, urban style she has created on the pockets with her choice of fabric and the addition of a few safety pins.

Lily said she learnt about different fabric types and what they are used for. ‘ I spent time observing, showing customers where they might find things and creating fat quarter and ribbon bundles’.

( pictured left is Lily working on some of the fabric bundles)

Lastly, Lily had to say, ‘It’s been fun working in the shop and watching what goes on’.¬†We can definitely say, it was fun having Lily with us for the week.

I should also mention that we had a factory tour at Standfast and Barracks last week. That was an exciting trip out for Lily, Nicola and myself. More to come on that in the next blog…


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